Sunday, March 2, 2014

C4K Summary for February

C4K#1 Sean
My first assigned student was Sean from Ms. Toal's class in Dublin, Ireland. It was a new experience to be communicating with students from a different country so far away. Anyway, Sean's blog post was a list of some information he has learned about sharks. He seems to have an interest in sharks as I noticed that two of his blog posts have been about them. He seems very smart for such a young person. I suggest to him that maybe he might like a career in marine biology when he gets older. I wished him luck in Ms. Toal's class.

C4K#2 Arav Craft
My second assigned student was Arav Craft. Arav is a third grade student in Mrs. Little's class at Hong Kong International School. Once again it was interesting to communicate with a student from a place so different from what I am used to. His blog post was a poem that he had written about rattlesnakes. I complemented his poem and asked if there were any rattlesnakes in Hong Kong. I also wished him good luck with his class.

C4K#3 Natassia
My third C4K student was Nastassia from Mrs. Ruiz's high school english class in Austin, Texas. This was my first C4K located in the United States and also my first high school student. In her blog she talked about how she has moved to different school districts several times throughout her life. I told her that I had never went to different schools while growing up so I didn't really know what that could have been like. I asked her if it was hard to adjust and make new friends so frequently. Lastly, I wished her good luck with finishing high school.

C4K#4 Sarah
My fourth C4K student was Sarah from Mrs. Long's 10th grade class. Her blog is mainly a fashion blog so I had some trouble relating to the fashion topics of a tenth grade girl. However, in her latest blog entry she talked about how she is thinking about whether or not to go to prom this year. I told her that she should definitely go and also about my memories from my high school prom. The remainder of her post had something to do with braiding hair so I just didn't have much else to add.

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