Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #10

Sir Ken Robinson's speech, "Bring On the Education Revolution", was a very poignant argument for schools to revolutionize the learning processes that the children of today are exposed to. He argues that students should be able to build on their knowledge and skills in any way they possibly can; not just in a predetermined manner that is deemed acceptable by a school. Robinson favors a new, non-traditional method of teaching. He does a good job explaining in his speech that the methods we are used to teaching students have simply become outdated. I firmly agree with what Sir Ken Robinson had to say about the future of teaching and learning. I hope to be able to help stimulate my students in any way that I possibly can. Standardized schools don't always provide the best method of learning for every single student. I want to encourage my students to explore their talents and dreams and pursue whatever it is that they want to most. His wrist watch example with the audience was an effective way to prove how we continue to hold onto outdated methods far longer than we need to. I believe an education revolution is needed and on the way.
Sir Ken Robinson


  1. I agree with you and with Sir Ken Robinson, we do need to change they way we teach and get rid of our outdated methods. The world is constantly changing and it only makes sense that we need to change with it. We don't need to evolve with it, we need to completely change the way we do things. Great blog post Brian!

  2. Sir Ken Robinson is spot on, so very true. I especially liked the example about the firefighter because of the irony, just perfect. The “revolution” that is spoken of in this talk would be a much needed change; however, given the current educational system and standards for measuring learning, one can only guess if they will come to fruition. Good post.