Friday, March 21, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #9

Kathy Cassidy Interview #1
Kathy Cassidy Interview #2
Kathy Cassidy Interview #3

I learned quite a bit about technology in the classroom by watching the interviews between Kathy Cassidy and Dr. Strange. It is evident throughout the video that Mrs. Cassidy has a very good command of classroom technology and implements it very effectively in her classes. She made good points as to how technology is here to stay in the world of education. The importance of educators understanding that technology's role in education is only going to grow is a very important idea to understand. Mrs. Cassidy puts a large amount of emphasis on allowing her students to express themselves through the use of online technology in her classroom. Also, her allowing the students the freedom to communicate with other students and educators is a very good motivational factor in my opinion. I particularly like how she protects her students when they are online. Having them not post pictures of themselves or do anything to make themselves vulnerable is a good thing to teach them. Having the students learn how to protect themselves on the internet is a very important aspect of teaching them to use the internet. Using technology is great way to keep your students motivated and entertained with learning. Having them come in everyday and use pencil and paper will only lead them to lose interest in the learning process. A good teacher should know how incorporate enough technology and collaboration in the class to keep them entertained and engaged in learning. When I am an educator I will absolutely incorporate technology into my classroom. Honestly there isn't even an option not to in my opinion. Learning how to use technology in the classroom is something that I will have to do. Having people such as Dr. Strange and Kathy Cassidy helping the new generation of teachers learn the skills necessary to be a 21st century teacher is a really big help.
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  1. Great post Brian, but remember to also link the video 'Little kids...big potential' since that was also in our assignment. I was taught in middle school the word very is just a filler word and can be left out. I enjoyed reading what you thought about this interview.

  2. Thoughtful. Interesting. Glad to hear of your plans. i am not surprised!