Sunday, March 16, 2014

C4T#2 Summary

C4T#2 Comment #1
My new C4T blog is called "dangerously irrelevant" and it is authored by Scott Mcleod. His latest post was an excerpt from something written by Ira Socol. It was an observation of how the traditional methods of teaching by a textbook, pencil, and paper no longer serve to stimulate students. Ira Socol basically says that teachers clinging to the traditional methods are making students not even want to come to school.
I told Scott that I agreed with what Ira Socol had said about why students don't want to come to school. I believe the teachers sticking to the dated methods of teaching are seriously limiting their students potential to learn. There are so many ways to engage students in the classroom. Simply keeping them busy with book-work is doing them a great disservice in my opinion.

C4T#2 Comment #2
Scott Mcleod's second blog entry I commented on was a very passionate argument against multiple choice questions on tests, specifically the SAT. He argued that multiple choice questions are an outdated and insufficient method of assessing a person's knowledge or skill in a certain subject area. He says that picking the correct choice from a set of prescribed alternatives is simply not the best way to assess knowledge.
I had never really thought much about a topic like this before reading Mcleod's blog. I was able to see and understand his point after reading what he had to say. Although, I'm not sure what his alternative to multiple choice questions would be, or at least he didn't provide an example in this blog post. I do agree that multiple choice have probably been used for too long and that there are better ways of testing student's knowledge.

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