Thursday, March 27, 2014

Project #15 Lesson Plan Three

50 States Project

This project will involve the students learning as much as they can about the 50 states. They will be put into groups and assigned a certain number of states to do research on. They will have one week to prepare a presentation using google docs. This project will allow students to use the internet to find facts, pictures, and videos of their states to use in their presentation.
50 States

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #10

Sir Ken Robinson's speech, "Bring On the Education Revolution", was a very poignant argument for schools to revolutionize the learning processes that the children of today are exposed to. He argues that students should be able to build on their knowledge and skills in any way they possibly can; not just in a predetermined manner that is deemed acceptable by a school. Robinson favors a new, non-traditional method of teaching. He does a good job explaining in his speech that the methods we are used to teaching students have simply become outdated. I firmly agree with what Sir Ken Robinson had to say about the future of teaching and learning. I hope to be able to help stimulate my students in any way that I possibly can. Standardized schools don't always provide the best method of learning for every single student. I want to encourage my students to explore their talents and dreams and pursue whatever it is that they want to most. His wrist watch example with the audience was an effective way to prove how we continue to hold onto outdated methods far longer than we need to. I believe an education revolution is needed and on the way.
Sir Ken Robinson

Friday, March 21, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #9

Kathy Cassidy Interview #1
Kathy Cassidy Interview #2
Kathy Cassidy Interview #3

I learned quite a bit about technology in the classroom by watching the interviews between Kathy Cassidy and Dr. Strange. It is evident throughout the video that Mrs. Cassidy has a very good command of classroom technology and implements it very effectively in her classes. She made good points as to how technology is here to stay in the world of education. The importance of educators understanding that technology's role in education is only going to grow is a very important idea to understand. Mrs. Cassidy puts a large amount of emphasis on allowing her students to express themselves through the use of online technology in her classroom. Also, her allowing the students the freedom to communicate with other students and educators is a very good motivational factor in my opinion. I particularly like how she protects her students when they are online. Having them not post pictures of themselves or do anything to make themselves vulnerable is a good thing to teach them. Having the students learn how to protect themselves on the internet is a very important aspect of teaching them to use the internet. Using technology is great way to keep your students motivated and entertained with learning. Having them come in everyday and use pencil and paper will only lead them to lose interest in the learning process. A good teacher should know how incorporate enough technology and collaboration in the class to keep them entertained and engaged in learning. When I am an educator I will absolutely incorporate technology into my classroom. Honestly there isn't even an option not to in my opinion. Learning how to use technology in the classroom is something that I will have to do. Having people such as Dr. Strange and Kathy Cassidy helping the new generation of teachers learn the skills necessary to be a 21st century teacher is a really big help.
Class Blog

Monday, March 17, 2014

Project #14 Lesson Plan Two

Budget Bill

The Budget Bill Project is designed for a twelfth grade U.S. Government class. The students will be given the role of congressmen and will be put into groups and tasked with creating a bill to reduce wasteful government spending. This will give them an opportunity to learn about issues with the United States budget and give them an opportunity to use critical thinking to come up with solutions to solve real-world problems. The students will be using Google Docs to present their bills to the class.
Paul Ryan & Patty Murray

Project #13 Lesson Plan One

Analyze A President

This project instructs students to design a presentation on a former president. It is intended for high school students in either the 11th or 12th grade. The students will be put in groups and given a specific president to do their project on. They will be expected to analyze their specific president's years in office and the impact he had on American history. This project should help students gain a better understanding of American government and the way our country has been governed in the past.
Five Presidents

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #8

The Teaching Channel
The Teaching Channel seems to be a very good tool for teachers to use. It contains an extremely large amount of resources ranging from common core information, lesson plans, content from other teachers, and so much more. What I think is most useful from The Learning Channel is the ability to interact and learn with other teachers that use the site. You can get content for every subject and every grade on this website.
The Teaching Channel Logo
FunBrain is a website consisting of various games designed for students ranging from K-8th grade. With the use of technology growing in classrooms every year, it is important for teachers to be able to send their students to websites like FunBrain. FunBrain has games that are designed to help improve students' skills in math and reading. The site is designed for use by students so educators can be assured that everything on the site is safe and appropriate for their students. Although I would not recommend the use of this website as a primary source of teaching students, letting them use it could be a way to reward them with something fun that is also still educational.
FunBrain Logo

C4T#2 Summary

C4T#2 Comment #1
My new C4T blog is called "dangerously irrelevant" and it is authored by Scott Mcleod. His latest post was an excerpt from something written by Ira Socol. It was an observation of how the traditional methods of teaching by a textbook, pencil, and paper no longer serve to stimulate students. Ira Socol basically says that teachers clinging to the traditional methods are making students not even want to come to school.
I told Scott that I agreed with what Ira Socol had said about why students don't want to come to school. I believe the teachers sticking to the dated methods of teaching are seriously limiting their students potential to learn. There are so many ways to engage students in the classroom. Simply keeping them busy with book-work is doing them a great disservice in my opinion.

C4T#2 Comment #2
Scott Mcleod's second blog entry I commented on was a very passionate argument against multiple choice questions on tests, specifically the SAT. He argued that multiple choice questions are an outdated and insufficient method of assessing a person's knowledge or skill in a certain subject area. He says that picking the correct choice from a set of prescribed alternatives is simply not the best way to assess knowledge.
I had never really thought much about a topic like this before reading Mcleod's blog. I was able to see and understand his point after reading what he had to say. Although, I'm not sure what his alternative to multiple choice questions would be, or at least he didn't provide an example in this blog post. I do agree that multiple choice have probably been used for too long and that there are better ways of testing student's knowledge.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #7

Watching Dr. Randy Pausch's lecture about achieving your childhood dreams was something I enjoyed very much. Dr. Pausch is such an inspiring and upbeat person. You can tell by watching his speech that he is very passionate about what he is saying and he truly means every word that he says. His ideas about children needing not to lose sight in their permission to dream is something I agree with very much. Our students need to dream big and do everything they can to achieve whatever they desire. I believe nothing should hold them back or stop them from believing their dreams no matter what they are.
What he says about the "brick wall" also really caught my attention. Throughout life we are presented with many challenges that seem like they cannot be overcame, but in reality we can overcome anything if we possess the true desire and determination to do it. I can really relate to this because every week when I check what is due for EDM310, I feel like I've hit a giant brick wall.
Randy Pausch is simply an amazing person. His views on life, learning, creativity, and dreams are absolutely inspiring. Watching his final speech motivates me to be the best learner and educator that I can possibly be. I want to incorporate his views and ideas into my own teaching methods.
Randy Pausch Quote

C4K Summary for February

C4K#1 Sean
My first assigned student was Sean from Ms. Toal's class in Dublin, Ireland. It was a new experience to be communicating with students from a different country so far away. Anyway, Sean's blog post was a list of some information he has learned about sharks. He seems to have an interest in sharks as I noticed that two of his blog posts have been about them. He seems very smart for such a young person. I suggest to him that maybe he might like a career in marine biology when he gets older. I wished him luck in Ms. Toal's class.

C4K#2 Arav Craft
My second assigned student was Arav Craft. Arav is a third grade student in Mrs. Little's class at Hong Kong International School. Once again it was interesting to communicate with a student from a place so different from what I am used to. His blog post was a poem that he had written about rattlesnakes. I complemented his poem and asked if there were any rattlesnakes in Hong Kong. I also wished him good luck with his class.

C4K#3 Natassia
My third C4K student was Nastassia from Mrs. Ruiz's high school english class in Austin, Texas. This was my first C4K located in the United States and also my first high school student. In her blog she talked about how she has moved to different school districts several times throughout her life. I told her that I had never went to different schools while growing up so I didn't really know what that could have been like. I asked her if it was hard to adjust and make new friends so frequently. Lastly, I wished her good luck with finishing high school.

C4K#4 Sarah
My fourth C4K student was Sarah from Mrs. Long's 10th grade class. Her blog is mainly a fashion blog so I had some trouble relating to the fashion topics of a tenth grade girl. However, in her latest blog entry she talked about how she is thinking about whether or not to go to prom this year. I told her that she should definitely go and also about my memories from my high school prom. The remainder of her post had something to do with braiding hair so I just didn't have much else to add.