Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #7

Watching Dr. Randy Pausch's lecture about achieving your childhood dreams was something I enjoyed very much. Dr. Pausch is such an inspiring and upbeat person. You can tell by watching his speech that he is very passionate about what he is saying and he truly means every word that he says. His ideas about children needing not to lose sight in their permission to dream is something I agree with very much. Our students need to dream big and do everything they can to achieve whatever they desire. I believe nothing should hold them back or stop them from believing their dreams no matter what they are.
What he says about the "brick wall" also really caught my attention. Throughout life we are presented with many challenges that seem like they cannot be overcame, but in reality we can overcome anything if we possess the true desire and determination to do it. I can really relate to this because every week when I check what is due for EDM310, I feel like I've hit a giant brick wall.
Randy Pausch is simply an amazing person. His views on life, learning, creativity, and dreams are absolutely inspiring. Watching his final speech motivates me to be the best learner and educator that I can possibly be. I want to incorporate his views and ideas into my own teaching methods.
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  1. Hi Brian! I'm Sarah Richerson and I'm a student in Dr. Strange's EDM 510 class. I watched some of the Dr. Randy Pausch's lecture and realized that I have seen it before. He is an inspiring man! I agree with you that as teachers, we have to allow our students to dream and dream big. (For some students, we may be the only person that cares about their dreams.) We also have to teach them the tools and prepare them so they may realistically achieve their dreams. I laughed when you said that each week you feel like you hit a brick wall when you look at your EDM assignment. I feel the same way, but I always get through it. Continue to care about your students and their dreams, and you will be a great teacher!

  2. Hi Brian
    I too sometimes feel as though I hit a brick wall looking at the assignments for the class, but like Randy Paush stated you have to figure out the head fake. The assignments aren't meant for you to be stressed, but for you to be successful in your teaching career. Good Luck!

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    "...when I check what is due for EDM310, I feel like I've hit a giant brick wall." Are they getting easier to get over? Are you learning how to get over brick walls?

    Here are some additional questions: Was he more of a coach or a teacher? Did he use PBL? How were his classes different from the ones you have taken? Although you watched a lecture do you think that lectures played a significant part in his teaching? What role does fun play in learning? What did he mean by "head fake learning"? Why "raise the bar"? Did Dr. Pausch encourage self-reflection and self-evaluation?