Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #8

The Teaching Channel
The Teaching Channel seems to be a very good tool for teachers to use. It contains an extremely large amount of resources ranging from common core information, lesson plans, content from other teachers, and so much more. What I think is most useful from The Learning Channel is the ability to interact and learn with other teachers that use the site. You can get content for every subject and every grade on this website.
The Teaching Channel Logo
FunBrain is a website consisting of various games designed for students ranging from K-8th grade. With the use of technology growing in classrooms every year, it is important for teachers to be able to send their students to websites like FunBrain. FunBrain has games that are designed to help improve students' skills in math and reading. The site is designed for use by students so educators can be assured that everything on the site is safe and appropriate for their students. Although I would not recommend the use of this website as a primary source of teaching students, letting them use it could be a way to reward them with something fun that is also still educational.
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  1. Hi Brian,
    Good post. Thanks for sharing these resources. As new teachers many of us will need all of the resources that we can find. Based on your description of funbrain, I believe it is a resource I will use with my students. Math and Science are two very important aspects of any curriculum and incorporating fun ways to improve these skills can only be helpful to the classroom. I look forward to exploring more educational tools throughout the semester, this was a great start.