Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #6

Before this assignment, I had no knowledge of personal learning networks (PLN). The links to Building Your PLN-A Primer for Anyone and Michael Fawcett Discusses his PLN were great for learning all about what a PLN really is. A PLN consists of educators and tools that give you the ability to connect with other teachers anywhere on the planet. Twitter is a perfect example of a tool used in ones PLN. These networks give you a vast audience of your peers to gather knowledge from.
From a teacher's perspective, a well established PLN could be a great source of information for the classroom. Having so many different sources for information would allow you to pick the very best material for your students. My own personal learning network is quite small right now, but it will only get larger with time. The blogs I have been introduced to in this class have helped serve as a window into broadening my PLN. I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube so I believe I should be able to expand those networks into a large useful personal learning network.

Personal Learning Network


  1. No better time than now to start developing your PLN!

  2. Brian,
    I, too, had no idea what a PLN was until last week when we were introduced to them in this course. I chose to use Symbaloo for my PLN and I actually loved it so much that I made it my homepage on Google Chrome! I love the fact that you pointed out how much easier it is to keep in contact with other educators via PLN's-I know Twitter has really helped me expand my horizons as a future educator! My only suggestion would be to talk about your personal PLN more, like what is in yours and how it has helped or not helped you so far.
    Great post!