Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #5

What do you learn from these conversations with Anthony Capps

The videos Project Based Learning Part 1 and Project Based Learning Part 2 were very good introductions to project based learning. It was nice to hear Mr. Capps talk about the many ways that he uses project based learning in his classroom. It seems that his students are very responsive to this method of learning. I believe the best point he made was about how projects should not just be something you do at the end of a lesson to show what has been learned, but rather used to actually learn the material.


In the Discovery Education video, I was shown how Discovery Education can be used to enhance lessons in class by complementing them with videos. I believe that visual presentations are very important to teaching and are very valuable tools. Mr. Capps points out that these videos help him tremendously with the lessons he teaches in class. I believe that Discovery Education would be a wonderful tool for me to use as a teacher.

The Anthony - Strange list of Tips for Teachers Part 1 was probably my favorite video from this week's assignment. Dr. Strange and Mr. Capps gave five excellent tips for us future teachers. What Dr. Strange said about being a learner is something I agree with very much. Teachers do not know everything; it is important for us to continue learning throughout our whole careers. Their advice about hard work and flexibility was very good as well. Being flexible as a teacher will allow you to adapt to the different needs of your students and to effectively educate them.

The final video, Additional Thought About Lessons, gave some good advice about lessons. Mr. Capps does a fine job of explaining the way he approaches his lessons. I believe that having very well prepared lesson plans is one of the most important things that a teacher should do in order to be better prepared to teach their class every day. I liked how Mr. Capps explained the way he does his lessons so that he knows he will cover all the material necessary. A teacher with unorganized lesson plans may have problems keeping up with the material that is required to be covered.

Lesson Plans

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  1. I'm glad you agree that we as educators should continue our learning process and not assume we know everything. We will constantly be learning from our students as well!