Thursday, February 6, 2014

C4T#1 Summary

C4T#1 Comment #1
The first C4T blog post I commented on was a very in-depth analysis of why the blogger has deleted their foursquare account. It goes on to explain how foursquare has disabled the ability to privately check-in. She explains how without the ability to privately check-in; seemingly anyone can track the places that you go.

I started off by introducing myself in my comment. I shared with her my purpose for commenting on her blog and told her that I would be summarizing her post and my comment in this blog post. I then told her that although I do not have a foursquare account myself, I have many other social media accounts and privacy is always a concern for me.

C4T#1 Comment #2
The second blog post I commented on was an older post that included an eBook that the author of the blog had been featured in. The eBook was a collection of information about student-centered learning vs. instructor-centered learning and the use of technology in the classroom.

I commented with my thoughts on student-driven learning and how I hope to be able to do that type of teaching once I am an educator myself. I also stated that I wholly embrace the idea of using technology as much as possible with my students. Technology is the future of the classroom and the potential for learning with it is unbelievable.

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