Sunday, April 27, 2014

C4T#4 Summary

C4T#4 Comment #1
My new C4T blog is called Pair-a-dimes for Your Thoughts and is authored by David Truss. His most recent post was an extremely thoughtful piece on flexible learning opportunities. My favorite part from this lengthy post was a part where he said that education subjects are "streams, not silos." What he means by this is that each subject area is not contained all by itself. Rather, all subject areas are intertwined and can be somehow related. After introducing myself, I pointed out how much I liked what he had to say about all subject areas being like intertwining streams. I think this is something that some teachers aren't aware of. I told him how I thought more teachers of different subject areas need to work together to make their classes relate to one another at times.

C4T#4 Comment #2
The second blog post by David Truss that I commented on was one about how more and more school systems are going underfunded. He made many points about how schools are getting less and less money and even how some schools use the money they do get on the wrong things. He made several points about how properly funded education is necessary and needed by society. I commented that I agreed with his statements and was encouraged to see an educator speaking out about this matter. We all know how important education is for the future; so why is it so hard for us to facilitate it?
David Truss

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