Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #11

Back To the Future
Brian Crosby's speech about techniques and methods used in his classroom taught me a lot. Crosby lets his students be active and express their own knowledge and feelings in the classroom. He encourages his students to have personal learning networks and to collaborate with the other students in class. Mr. Crosby is a very good example of what a 21st century teacher should be like. He seems to incorporate technology into his classroom flawlessly. Technology allows students to expand their ability to learn much farther than they ever could without it.

Sam Pane 4th Grade
Mr. Pane is a very interesting teacher who succeeds at keeping his class interested and entertained with his teaching; which is something that I personally believe is extremely important. Mr. Pane's way of teaching his kids about internet safety was a very interesting concept. He combines many skills into one lesson and has his students learning quite a lot in just one project. Being able to combine many different skills in one lesson or project is something that a successful teacher should be able to do. His students seemed so excited and ready to learn in his class. Mr. Pane provides a great example of how to keep your students interesting in learning.

Project Based Learning
This video shows that collaboration isn't limited to just being between students. This video shows how three teachers worked together to combine their classes and used technology to help their students learn. Teachers seem nowadays to only operate their classes without any input from their colleagues and peers around them. I think it is important that we as teachers work together to provide our students with the best educational experience that we possibly can. This video also showed me that students will surprise us teachers with how much they can do when we allow them some freedom to work and learn together. The skills shown by some of the students working together on projects really impressed me. Providing students with well-prepared project based learning experiences can really allow them to shine.
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  1. I think project based learning is a great way to let children shine as well, good post. Mr. Crosby is excited about learning and this can be seen from his video. The children in his classes are enthusiastic learners because there is a ripple effect. I hope to be able to exude that level of enthusiasm in the future, what a great example he sets for us all.