Sunday, April 6, 2014

C4K Summary for March

C4K#6 Hine
Hine is a young girl in Mrs. Jenny She's second grade class in Auckland, New Zealand. Hine did not have any blog posts that were specifically hers but she was in a post that showed a video of the entire class 18 on a school picnic. I commented that the whole class looked like they had a great time and enjoyed the day.

C4K#7 Leka
Leka is a seven year old boy in Mr. Barks & Mrs. Nua's class in Auckland, New Zealand. His most recent blog post was a biography poem he made about himself. From reading his poem I was able to learn a lot about him and what he liked. I noticed he talked about baseball quite a few times in his poem. I told him that I too love baseball and that I played when I was younger. I asked if he followed American baseball and told him about my favorite team. Lastly, I told him that if he worked hard enough he could achieve his dream of becoming a baseball player.
baseball and glove

C4K#7 Lizara
Lizara is a seven year old student in Ms. Squire's class in Auckland, New Zealand. Lizara's last blog post was about a boxer named Joseph Parker. Apparently Parker is Lizara's favorite professional boxer. I told Lizara about some of my favorite professional athletes and also that it is important for children to look up to athletes such as Joseph Parker for inspiration.
boxing gloves

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