Sunday, April 6, 2014

C4T#3 Summary

C4T#3 Comment #1
My new C4T blog is called Thurmann Resources and is authored by Lisa Thurmann. She works at The School for Global Education and Innovation at Kean University in New Jersey. She recently posted an entry in her blog that discussed how teachers are going to learn and adapt to Common Core. She talked about how her team is going to develop Common Core Communities of Practice. These will serve as a way for teachers to learn with one another how to implement Common Core and enhance their ability to learn and teach.
After introducing myself, I told her how as a future teacher I appreciate the efforts being made by people such as herself towards helping educators learn these new standards. Learning new standards and requirements is never an easy thing for teachers to do, but with enough effort put forth by everyone in the education community it can be done effectively. The Common Core Communities of Practice seem like a great way for teachers to collaboratively learn the applications of the new Common Core Standards.

C4T#3 Comment #2
The second blog post by Lisa Thurmann that I commented on was one in which she discussed many useful apps that you can use on Google Drive. I found this post to be interesting because I have only been familiar with Google Drive since I began EDM310 and I am eager to learn more about it and its uses. Her post covered several apps ranging from video & picture editing to mathematics software. I told her about how I had just became familiar with Google Drive and that I looked forward to checking out some of the apps that she mentioned in her blog.
Google Drive

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