Sunday, April 27, 2014

C4K Summary for April

C4K#9 Angelica
My student this week was Angelica from Miss Ouano's class in Auckland, New Zealand. Her latest blog post was a story about a dragon who puts eggs on people's doorsteps on Easter. I told her that I thought her story was interesting and that I had heard of the Easter Bunny but not the Easter Dragon. I told her I might not like Easter egg hunts if I knew a dragon was the one hiding the eggs. Lastly I wished her good luck in class.
Easter Dragon

C4K#10 Jasmyne
My final C4K student is Jasmyne from Miss Lavakula's class in Auckland, New Zealand. The blog post I commented on was about a white tailed spider. It had a picture of the spider and didn't really have much other than that. I told her it was a scary looking spider and asked her if she had an interest in spiders. Then I told her about some of the spiders we have here in Alabama.
White Tailed Spider

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