Friday, January 17, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #1


What Have I Heard?
I have had the chance to talk to a few alumni of EDM310 about the course and most comments I get are generally positive. They all do, however, agree that the course requires a large amount of time and dedication put into it. Even my advisor told me to be careful what I schedule this course with because it will definitely take up a large amount of my study time.

What Are My Fears?
As with any course I take my biggest fear is not being capable of doing the required work. More specifically for this course my main fear will be keeping up with the various assignments and activities that are required. EDM310 seems to have a very strict timeline for due dates and it will be a challenge to adhere to it.

Compare & Contrast
This course is most definitely different than all of the others I have taken so far. This will be my first course that requires me to create and maintain a blog. The lack of any substantial bookwork or the more traditional forms of learning really sets this particular course apart. Also, I have never taken a course that is so centrally focused around technology and the future of teaching/learning.

My Biggest Challenge
My main challenge for this class will probably be keeping up with the due dates and staying on top of my assignments. I believe I will be able to handily complete the assignments with little struggle. However, I worry that the workload will make it hard to keep up with what is due.

Overcoming My Challenge
I believe the best idea for me to overcome what I believe my biggest challenge will be is to keep a very strict and detailed schedule for my coursework. If I can organize all my work and make sure I have ample time available to finish my assignments, I should excel in this course.

After reading all the available material, I do not believe I have any questions at this point. The syllabus, instruction manual & master checklist are all very clearly laid out and explain the coursework in great detail. I am confident that any questions that I may have going forward can and will be answered promptly by Dr. Strange or his lab assistants.

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  1. "If I can organize all my work and make sure I have ample time available to finish my assignments, I should excel in this course. " You are correct.

  2. Brian,

    I am also worried about the course load for this class. It will take a lot of time and a lot of commitment. But I think if we keep strict schedules we should be okay! I ended up printing out the master checklist and that's helping me keep up with everything. I just need to make sure I don't save all the work until the last minute on Sunday nights like I did this week. I plan on doing much better the rest of the semester. Good luck to you! If you ever wanted to work together on anything just let me know!